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Beyond providing life-saving tools and equipment for police officers, the Scottsdale Police (SPF) Foundation supports crucial training, development, wellness, and educational programs that would otherwise go unfunded.  From equipment and new technology to youth outreach and leadership development, the SPF funds programs that impact today's and future generations of the Scottsdale Police Department and its citizens. 


The foundation supports each of the SPD's 400 sworn officers and its 264 civilian employees by providing important tools and equipment. In some cases, this means replacing dated equipment with newer, better solutions. Examples are better protective equipment for the SWAT team and new technology for the special investigations unit. 

Additionally, the SPF goal is to assist the Department with purchasing  equipment that can be used to locate people in distress, or respond faster to a vehicle emergency such as a car fire or accident by providing unmanned aerial systems. 

The SPF provides new equipment to the Scottsdale Police Department when it can't fund them in the department's annual budget. Our primary focus is to provide equipment that allows the Scottsdale Officers to do their jobs to the very best of their abilities while staying as safe as possible. Our equipment donations focus on making a department wide impact and work towards keeping the City of Scottsdale and its residents safe. 


The Scottsdale Police Department focus on Community Policing is evident by all of the various programs that hey have developed and supported  such as PAL's (Police Athletic League), Senior Community Walks, Educational Programs and The Closet.

The PAL's program teaches leadership, conflict resolution and builds self esteem. "The Closet" provides much needed items for students such as clothing, shoes, hygiene products and food so that students are able to focus on their studies.  


Scottsdale Police Officers are human. They don't simply forget the cases they investigate. The Scottsdale Police Foundation supports programs that help police officer's shoulder the post-incident stress, anxiety, and depression. 

We also believe in supporting continuing education for our officers to have the best skills available to support our community. 


The Scottsdale Police Foundation is committed to providing funds for technological tools that make the Scottsdale Police Department one of the most advanced and best equipped Police Departments in the country. it is imperative that they department stays ahead of the ever evolving technological curve and we are committed to assisting them with that. 


Who doesn't love the K-9 unit other than criminals. Did you know that often times a person fleeing or hiding will surrender when they see the K-9 unit on the scene. K-9's have proven that they are effective at catching criminals with the least amount of force. 

The Scottsdale Police Department has both a K-9 unit as well as emotional support dogs. You may have seen them throughout the community. The School Resource officers will often have a friendly canine with them. 

Please help support this program. 

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